Coolant Video

Coolant is a liquid that absorbs heat from the engine and releases it through the radiator, which releases the heat through the air. The liquid is then cooled, fed back to the engine through the cooling system, and the cycle repeats.

Coolant should be checked for both pH level, strength, and fill-level at regular intervals. Even so-called ‘Long Life’ coolants have been known to lose their effectiveness prematurely. See your owner’s manual or call one of our Service Advisors at D K Hardee Automotive & Express for more information.

If your coolant is left unchanged for too long, it may result in a chemical condition known as electrolysis. This can result in costly repairs or even engine replacement.

Leaking coolant, or coolant that is past its useable lifespan, can be costly. If the coolant is too low or has leaked out, it can cause your engine to overheat. Overheating of the engine can cause irreparable damage, which would require the engine to be replaced. Additionally, pets can ingest coolant that has leaked on the ground, which can be poisonous. If your coolant is low, past its usable life, or if you have any other questions about the cooling system on your car, truck, or SUV, call D K Hardee Automotive & Express at 336-526-8800, or schedule an online appointment today.