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Laser Precision Wheel Alignments in Elkin, NC

Keeping You Straight On The Road

The professionals here at D K Hardee Automotive & Express are waiting to deliver the wheel alignment service you have been looking for. Our shop here in Elkin, NC is committed to keeping our locals safely on the road by providing nothing but professional, high-quality automotive services. If you have noticed that your tires have been wearing out unevenly then it might be time for you to come in for an alignment. A crooked steering wheel, a car pulling to the left or right on its own, and odd vibrations while driving are also other signs that a tire alignment is needed. A misaligned vehicle not only wastes your money by wearing your tires out faster, it also lowers your vehicle’s grip and ride quality. This means your car could possibly not be up to safety standards and you could risk losing grip on the road at the wrong time. A wheel alignment is not something that should be done only once, think of a wheel alignment as more of a maintenance service. Suspension parts tend to bend and move around so it is commonplace for people to go ahead and get them aligned whenever their tires are being rotated. Come in today and let the professionals at D K Hardee Automotive & Express help you out ASAP.

D K Hardee Automotive & Express is staffed with ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certified professionals that are more than capable of handling your wheel alignment. We work on all makes and models and are ready to help you when you walk in today. Our staff will carefully assess the symptoms of your vehicle and let you know if you need an alignment or not. The shop we have in Elkin, NC is equipped with state of the art technology to ensure that your alignment is done accurately. The professionals here at D K Hardee Automotive & Express will check and set the angles of your vehicle’s camber, toe, and caster to make sure they are at optimal levels for your driving style. A properly aligned vehicle leaving our shop will surely have you driving on the road safely. The alignment you will receive from us will not only make your car ride smoother but it will also make your tires last longer, saving you money. If we realize that it may be too late to salvage your tires, no worries we offer tire sales at competitive prices. This is just another way we here at D K Hardee Automotive like to provide excellent, all around service to our customers. We cannot wait to have you.

When you walk into our shop here in Elkin, NC you will experience quality automotive services like no other. Our services are top notch and we take pride in every project we complete. We accept walk-ins and are excited to see you walk through our doors at 366 CC Camp Rd. If you have any questions simply give us a call at 336-526-8800 or you can easily schedule your appointment online. We know you will be happy you came to the professionals here at D K Hardee Automotive & Express.