What You Need to Know About Oil Pressure

Oil changes: just another regular piece of essential car maintenance. But why is oil so essential to your vehicle, and why should you entrust your vehicle to Elkin, North Carolina’s DK Hardee Automotive & Express? Because the car oil system is a lot more than just regular oil changes; without a properly functioning system, your automobile won’t run. So, when that dreaded Low Oil Pressure indicator lights up your dashboard, here’s why your next stop should be at DK Hardee Automotive & Express.

Your vehicle is composed of moving parts, creating friction as they interact with each other at high speed. Without a coating of pressurized oil, these parts will cease to function smoothly. Your vehicle’s oil pump regulates how much oil is dispensed. Without a sufficient amount, in addition to parts not working correctly, your engine can overheat, and you can cause significant wear and tear to your vehicle. So, that Low Oil Pressure indicator will come on when an issue arises anywhere within the oil system. Let’s get into a few common causes below.
What is your oil saying?

First and foremost, when that indicator comes on, check your oil. Do you have sufficient clean oil in the oil pump? If yes, the next potential culprit is your sensor itself. ASE-certified mechanics like DK Hardee can check your vehicle to ensure that the sensor is functioning correctly. Additional culprits, easily diagnosable by expert technicians, include a malfunction of the oil pump, the wrong grade of engine oil, old and dirty oil, an oil leak in your engine, a bad oil filter, or a clogged oil strainer.

Best Oil Services

Whatever the issue, the team at DK Hardee Automotive & Express will quickly diagnose and resolve the issue to get you back on the road and running smoothly. Open Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 5:30 pm and Saturdays from 8:00 am to noon; stop by or call the shop at (336)-296-1197 to schedule your oil service today. Whether it’s just a run-of-the-mill oil change or an issue with the oil system itself, the expert, friendly team at Elkin, North Carolina’s DK Hardee Automotive & Express, will provide the very best in fast, excellent service for you and your vehicle. Come see us today!

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