What Type of Oil Does Your Engine Need?

Different motor oils offer various benefits, so find out which one is right for your car!

Your vehicle has various ways of telling you when it’s time to change the oil. A light illuminating on your dash may signal your engine overheating regularly. Odds are, your vehicle also came with a recommended oil change schedule in the owner’s guide. Your motor oil is essential to the function of your engine, keeping it cool and lubricating the engine parts. Once it’s time to change your oil, the question becomes, what kind of oil do you need?

Depending on how you drive your car and the performance you expect from it, you may choose a different motor oil. CONVENTIONAL OIL is the most common option for motor oil and likely what’s in your engine when you first purchase it. This oil is ideal, versatile, and used for light-duty, late-model cars with low to average mileage and more simple engine designs. If you’re the vehicle owner who needs your vehicle to get you from Point A to Point B, this is the oil for you.

For any performance vehicles, import cars that you take on the highway and open up the engine require a different motor oil. SYNTHETIC MOTOR OIL is for cars with exceptional performance and drivers that push their engine to the limits. With higher viscosity levels, synthetic oils are better capable of transferring heat, moving through your engine, and preventing build-up and oil sludge. Performance vehicles need a clean engine, and synthetic oil helps prevent debris from accumulating and slowing you down.

Somewhere in the middle is SYNTHETIC BLEND MOTOR OIL. It offers the best of both worlds for a driver who doesn’t want the expense of full synthetic but knows they need a bit more protection and performance from their vehicle. Blending synthetic and conventional oils reduces the higher performance oil price while still receiving some added benefits.

Finally, HIGH MILEAGE MOTOR OIL is like the Centrum Silver of motor oils. Once your vehicle hits 75,000, your technician may recommend an oil developed to help older engines keep running. High mileage motor oil focuses on fuel economy, leak prevention, and reducing smoke and emissions.

Talk to your technician at DK Hardee Automotive & Express about your vehicle’s performance and any concerns you have for your engine health. The more we hear from you about how your car is behaving, we better understand how to get it working at peak performance!

By on May 21st, 2022 in Oil Change