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Quality Timing Belt Replacement in Elkin, NC

Keeping You On The Road

D K Hardee Automotive & Express is here in Elkin, NC providing quality timing belt replacements to all makes and models. The timing belt is often forgotten about due to the fact that it is hidden but it actually plays a very important role in keeping your car running. There is a plastic cover over the timing belt to ensure no debris gets inside, to damage this important component. The timing belt ensures that your valves and pistons are being actuated at the proper time in order for optimal combustion to occur. Your motor could not possible run without something like this telling it when to open and close. Most vehicles also use this belt to power the water pump that cools down the engine. As you see this belt is extremely important to your car’s functionality but it still seems to be forgotten about. If you have not ever thought about replacing yours, it might be a good idea to speak with a professional about it before anything goes wrong.

The timing belt is often fairly difficult to replace but is still necessary and should be well maintained. Your owners manual should state how often you should change yours and our professionals are sure to let you know if you need one or not. If you happen to wait too long before replacing yours, you could possibly be left on the side of the road and need to be towed. Most cars use timing belts instead of chains and these belts are made of rubber so they will eventually corrode and break. Those who use belts are either in an interference or non-interference system. The noninterference systems are somewhat better off when a belt breaks because nothing happens other than your car shutting off. The interference systems put your motor in danger when your belt breaks because the parts of your engine are off rhythm and collide with each other. The metal parts in your engine are moving very fast and impact could result in serious damage. This is why it is very important to not only know what kind of system your vehicle has but also keep a close eye on its condition. Come down to professionals at our shop today and let us help you out with your timing belt replacement.

The ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certified staff at D K Hardee Automotive & Express are here waiting to help you with your vehicle. We accept walk-ins and love giving customers the sense of relief when their car is fixed. Come to see us at 366 CC Camp Rd for your professional timing belt replacement. You can also easily schedule your appointment online or by calling us at 336-526-8800. While our professionals service your vehicle feel free to enjoy our free Wifi. See you soon!