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Quick & Convenient Oil Changes in Elkin, NC

Quality Routine Maintenance

D K Hardee Auto Automotive & Express is here in Elkin, NC to help you out with a professional oil change. Keeping your oil in check is essential to making sure your vehicle keeps running strong for as long as possible. The oil in your motor works to not only lubricate the metal to metal contact points but it also helps cool and clean the engine. The components in your vehicle’s engine are moving at incredible rates and it is absolutely necessary to have oil lubricating them to prevent damage. A low oil level or simply bad oil can lead to metal parts hitting each other causing serious motor failure. The best way to avoid these failures and their serious repair costs is to make sure your oil is in good condition to perform its job.

The ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certified staff we have in our shop is more than excited to help you out with your next oil service. We are capable of performing routine oil changes on any vehicle, no matter the make and model. Now we have all heard that a car’s oil should be changed every 3,000 miles but that is not exactly true. Many vehicles are different so each one of them has their own interval in which the oil should be changed. Check out the owners manual in your car and see how long you should wait between oil changes. However, this number in your owner’s manual is also sometimes wrong. The driving habits of a driver along with the age/mileage of a car are all factors in which could extend or shorten the span of time in which one should wait between oil changes. Come down to the professionals here in Elkin, NC and see how we can help you. Our expert staff will attentively assess the status of your vehicle and explain why you should or should not change your oil. An easy way to check if your oil needs changing is simply looking at it. If your oil is extremely dark, thin, or feels gritty, it is safe to assume that it is time for you to get your oil changed. Come down to see us today!

We know you will be happy with the service you are provided with here at D K Hardee Automotive & Express and we cannot wait to help you. We accept walk-ins for any make and model so that you can get the service you need when you need it most. While you wait for our professionals to carefully service your vehicle, feel free to relax in our waiting area equipped with fast free WiFi. We cannot wait to see you here at our repair shop located at 366 CC Camp Rd. You can also schedule your appointment online or by giving us a call at (336)-526-8800. Our friendly staff is here waiting to help you, see you soon!