Are You Due For An Oil Change?

How You Can Tell When You Need Service

If you’re an average driver, you probably rely on your car’s mileage or a sticker from it’s last service to tell you when you need an oil change. While that’s usually enough, many people wait until there is a visible problem before changing the oil. If you aren’t sure whether your car needs an oil change or not, look for these signs or ask the pros at DK Hardee Automotive & Express in Elkin, North Carolina!

Dirty Oil

New oil is amber-colored. You can see through it. If you check your oil and cannot see the dipstick through the oil, it’s time for a change. The oil gets dirtier and turns darker as it collects particles from the engine.

Excessive Mileage

If you do a lot of driving over a short time frame, you may need to get in to get an oil change before you’re normally due. The regular schedule is about every 3 months or 3,000 miles, but some cars can go 6,000 miles. Check the manufacturer’s recommendations for your car. Don’t go too long between oil changes.

Smell of Oil

If you smell oil, gas or exhaust fumes in the car, you need immediate maintenance. The car could be overheating. You could have an oil leak. You shouldn’t smell heavy odors of gas or oil from your car.

Check Oil Light On

Newer cars alert drivers to the need for an oil change. In older cars, the check engine light may come on. Check the dipstick to see if you have enough oil and what color it is. Of course, there are many other reasons the check engine light can come on. Your mechanic can quickly diagnose your engine issues.

Engine Noises

Oil is a lubricant that reduces friction in the engine. When you hear a lot of rumbling, it could indicate that you don’t have enough oil or the oil isn’t doing its job. You may need an oil change, or you may need the mechanic to diagnose what’s going on in your engine.

Smoke Coming Out of the Exhaust

If you have smoke coming out of the exhaust, it can signify an oil leak. You need maintenance on your car. Translucent vapor is normal. Gray and dark smoke isn’t.

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